19~22 August 2021

2021 Festival


The People’s Sign

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Time: All day everyday
Location: Eastern outskirts of town
Price: Free Event

About this event

Blackall’s Iconic People’s Sign was unveiled on 16th August 2019 and WOW isn’t it a beauty. Check out the sign that stretches 250m along a fenceline on the eastern approach to town, each of the letters stand a total of 7m high and 4.4m wide.  Get out and walk along the sign which has incorporated 330 photos taken by the community.  Not only is this show stopper viewable during the day, take a trip at night to see the sign light up in your headlights.  Be the first to have your photo taken with the BLACKALL sign and don’t forget to let us know by including the hashtag #betterinblackall.