19~22 August 2021

COVID-19 and #betterinblackall


When you come to the Better in Blackall Festival, we want to make sure we give you the BEST time possible. So, with all the current restrictions in place, we had to sit down and ask ourselves, can we do that in August 2020?

Could you get a handshake from Stewie at Ram Park? No.

Could you pack onto the viewing platform at the Saleyards to watch the agents bellow? Nope.

Could you embrace the nearest stranger after winning the Blue Light Billy Carts? No way!

Could you put on your beer goggles and try your luck on a packed dancefloor in the middle of Shamrock Street? Not a chance.

And what’s a trip to Blackall if you can’t do any of that? I mean, we could probably give you a great time, maybe even a FANTASTIC time, but the best time?… Unfortunately not.

Therefore, with a heavy heart and a promise of bigger things to come, the team has chosen to postpone the 2020 Better in Blackall Festival. See the best of Blackall at the Better in Blackall Festival 2021, August 19th-22nd.


Team Better in Blackall






Our priority is the health and safety of all Australians, and we will be working hard to ensure the 2021 Better in Blackall Festival, and all moving forward, is a COVID-Safe event. Please be aware of the following regulations:

  • All festival attendees will be required to provide personal details for potential contact tracing (NB. These details will be strictly confidential and only released, if necessary, to the appropriate public health authorities).
  • You MUST NOT attend any festival events or activities is you have any symptoms potentially consistent with COVID-19. Symptoms include; cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath.
  • You MUST NOT attend any festival events or activities is you have had direct contact with a know COVID-19 case, are being tested for COVID-19, or have travelled to a known hotspot.
  • Strict social distancing requirements will be enforced. Regulations will be dependent on venue and clearly displayed upon entry and throughout.
  • All venues, events, activities, entertainment & stalls will comply with government health regulations.
  • There will be ready access to hygiene stations, as well as enhanced cleaning as per Department of Health principals.
  • The Australian Government advises that the following people are most ‘at risk’: aged over 70, aged over 65 with a material medical condition, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander aged over 50 with a material medical condition, people with material medical conditions, and people who are immunocompromised.
  • All attendees, entertainers, staff and volunteers will be required to adhere to the Better in Blackall Festival COVID-Safe Plan.
  • Anyone who does not agree to comply with the outlined regulations may be asked to leave or not attend the event.

We know this is a lot, we thought so too! But whatever it takes to make sure the Better in Blackall Festival is safe, reliable, and a tonne of fun, you can bet your bottom dollar we’re going to do!

* COVID-Safe plans and regulations, along with the Better in Blackall INC. WHS guidelines will be revised on a 6 monthly basis. Next revision date 02/11/2020.